Ahoy, I'm Victor.
A jack of all trades based in Stockholm, Sweden. My own work include publishing, packaging, illustrations, websites, and strategy.
Sharing the beauty and history of Sweden's castles, palaces and manors at @castlesofsweden.
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I have focused my education and work on political science and technology, and am eager to work with the often-complex interaction between the two.
Currently Public Affairs and Press Officer at a foreign diplomatic mission in Stockholm. In 2015-2016, while at International IDEA, I helped political parties bridge the gap with voters using innovative technologies.
Selected works/clients
Castles of Sweden (Nordquist, V./Ovrelid, T.)
Plåsterhuset (Nordquist, V./Ronne, M.)
Sverigefinska Ungdomsförbundet (Nordquist, V.)
Elevernas riksförbund (Nordquist, V.)
Parkinsonpodden (Nordquist, V.)
Mediamedveten (Nordquist, V.)
SWE-IL Chamber of Commerce (Nordquist, V.)
Ergo (Nordquist, V.)
Tempel Bryggeri (Nordquist, V.)
Prancing Staffy Brewing Company (Nordquist, V.)
Västgöta nation i Uppsala (Nordquist, V.)
Adat Jeschurun (Nordquist, V.)
Digital Parties Portal (Nordquist, V./International IDEA)
Global Conference Money in Politics (Nordquist, V./International IDEA)
Policy Positioning Tool for Parties: A facilitator's guide (Nordquist, V./International IDEA)
Humlegård (Nordquist, V./Nordquist, P.)
Astronomiska Föreningen (Nordquist, V.)
Epicurean Club 1808 (Nordquist, V.)
UPS (Nordquist, V.)
Getech (Nordquist, V.)
Lili Lu (Nordquist, V.)
Hampus Horndahl Performance Systems (Nordquist, V.)
Restaurang Varvsholmen (Nordquist, V.)
Mer Ewa (Nordquist, V.)
Pizzans Hus Grythyttan (Nordquist, V.)
Johan Movingers Gymnasium (Nordquist, V.)
If you have any enquiries please feel free to get in touch.